AGPT Activities in Technology Development

AGPT Company, using experts as well as a network of domestic and international partners with brilliant records in the field of technology development, carries out its activities in the field of application and key software development in the upstream oil industries. In this field, three data management software of upstream oil industry, drilling optimization and geomechanical modeling are within the scope of our activities.

Data Management Software of Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

Upstream oil industry data management software development project is one of the active projects of the company in the field of technology development, which is being implemented with the support of the Vice President for Science and Technology. 

Drilling Optimization Software based on Geomechanical Consideration

The role of geomechanical parameters in the design and planning of drilling oil and gas wells has been proven in several studies. One of the most important issues in terms of geomechanical parameters is their role in the speed of drilling operations, which directly affects the time and costs associated with it. The purpose of developing this software is to achieve the desired drilling parameters in a way that in addition to maintaining the stability of the well, increase the speed and reduce costs. In the meantime, due to the existence of different methods, parameters, algorithms and processes in achieving the desired goal, the development of this software is necessary.

reservoir model

3D Geomechanical Modeling Software based on Big Data 

Designing various operations to improve production and overharvesting, achieving a model with minimal uncertainty and the ability to simulate the process of discharge and recovery of hydrocarbon reservoirs in order to make decisions to prevent possible damage and loss, is one of the main concerns in the operation of oil reservoirs and Is gas. With the advancement of technology and the ability to use powerful software and hardware, as well as the growth of human knowledge, the use of large amounts of data has become very popular. One of the most important applications of bulk data in the operation of hydrocarbon reservoirs is to reduce uncertainties and thus reduce the risks associated with the predictions made. The purpose of developing this software is to increase the accuracy of 3D geomechanical models for use in both models and thus provide the possibility of designing different operations to improve production and increase harvest with a high level of reliability.