AGPTCO Activities in Technological Services

Another field of activity of AGPT Company is providing technological services in the form of one-dimensional and three-dimensional geomechanical modeling projects, as well as feasibility and design of hydraulic failure operations. In this regard, using the up-to-date knowledge of experts and also using the opinion of high-level international consultants, issues, problems and the will of technological solutions are identified.

1D Geomechanical Modelling

Estimation of geomechanical properties in the drilling path using in-well graphs is the basis of all advanced three- and four-dimensional modeling. With the development of such models, the stress profiles and strength properties of the rocks around the well are identified and help to significantly reduce the uncertainties of the 3D models. Since geomechanical models along the well are used to develop three-dimensional models with the help of seismic data, it is necessary to use a principled process in the development of such models.


3D geomechanical models have wide applications in the fields of new drilling route design, identification of high risk areas of the reservoir in terms of stability, use in models (coupled) with dynamic reservoir models and evaluation of well stability during production and finally evaluation of production process during reservoir life. . The development of these models with the least possible error and a high level of reliability based on methods based on artificial intelligence and hybrid is one of the areas of activity of Asia Petroleum Technology Company in providing technological services.

reservoir model

Hydraulic Fracturing

One of the most challenging operations to drill wells and improve production-overproduction is hydraulic failure. The complexity of the modeling, the high cost of the operation, the high risk of not conducting specific pre-feasibility studies, and the consequent lack of sufficient national experience in the design and implementation of the operation are all highlights of the importance of the issue. One of the activities of AGPT Company in providing technological services, design and feasibility of hydraulic failure operations with the advice and cooperation of consultants and high-level international partners in the country's hydrocarbon reservoirs.