About Us

AGPTCO at a Glance

At the end of 1396 with the aim of developing technologies and commercializing them, a ten-year contract of the master plan The application of geomechanics in the exploration of hydrocarbon resources and new technologies of drilling and oil engineering in exploration wells was signed between Shahroud University of Technology and the National Iranian Oil Company. In order to carry out the first package of this project and achieve its goals, the main idea of establishing the company was considered. In this regard, at the end of 1398, with the participation of Shahroud University of Technology and faculty members, as well as the private sector, the Asian Oil Technologists Company was established.

Our Activities

Performing all engineering technological services based on technology development, technology transfer and localization, simulation and modeling studies, field, scientific and laboratory measurements and design activities, consulting, supervision, basic and applied research and implementation of oil projects, Civil, mining, geology, water, geophysics and geomechanics, software development and commercialization, design, development, manufacture and commercialization of laboratory and field equipment, chemical additives, drilling mud and cement, as well as engineering of purchasing, exporting and importing goods And services in the above fields, participation in various auctions and tenders, receiving loans from financial and banking sources, liaising with associations, organizations, universities and international companies, holding seminars and workshops.

Board of Directors

Dr. Ahmad Ramezanzadeh
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Dr. Alireza Arab Amiri
Chairman of the Board

دکتر سید محمد اسماعیل جلالی
Vice Chairman of the Board

Expert Team

Dr. Fereydoun Sharifi

Dr. Amir Joolaei

Eng. Fatemeh Shahnama
Mining Exploration

Eng. Amin Asgari
Petroleum Geomechanics

Eng. Mohammad Ali Chmanzad
Petroleum Geomechanics

Eng. Mohammadreza Haj Saeidi

Eng. Mohammadreza Delavar

Eng. Mahdi Bajolvand
Rock Mechanics

Eng. Mina Shafi abadi

Eng. Mahdieh Ghasemi
Information Technology

Our Subsidiaries

Asia Geo Petro Tech Company, due to its mission in developing upstream and downstream mining industry technologies, has launched the Asia Mine brand as its active mining sector.